Animal Testing Essay: The Best Topics and Guidelines

Animal testing is such a debatable topic! If you got an animal testing essay as an assignment, you might feel a mixture of feelings and emotions. And you are right, and you have the right to feel all those controversial feelings if you are realistic and smart enough. If you search someone to ‘pay to do my homework assignment‘ – you can easily ask our editors to cope with it.

Many people see only one side of the issue: poor animals are suffering for nothing. However, if you think in-depth, you might be shocked to know that they are suffering for us, people. And their suffering isn’t in vain.

Animal Testing Argumentative Essay: How to Write It Easily

An argumentative essay on animal testing can be the best essay of your life if you approach the topic correctly. That is a very popular topic. Moreover, this is a very controversial topic. Make sure you have selected all possible facts and opinions to prove your opinion. As well, you can be sure that, whatever side you take, you will find many opponents. Moreover, your opponents are right, as well as you. It’s an amazing topic, isn’t it?

Animal Testing Pros and Cons Essay: Prepare It as You Feel

Here, you have three options. You can defend animal testing, to create an animal testing cons essay or to discuss it from different points of views. Whatever position you select, you are both right and wrong. This controversy gives you plenty of options for discussion, for unexpected turns of the flow of your thoughts and for plenty of questions that will never be responded.

Animal Testing Persuasive Essay: Can You Handle It?

If you select this kind of paper, you have to choose one position. Are you against or for this phenomenon? Or maybe you can prove both opinions? In an animal testing persuasive essay, you need just make your reader believe that your position is the right one. Why should it be permitted or should it be banned? Are there any other solutions acceptable for people?

Writing an Essay on Animal Testing: Best Tips

Actually, animal testing essays are just essays. Hence, they have a usual outline. You don’t need to invent something extraordinary to write such kind of essay, just follow the common plan, and everything will be okay.

Animal Testing Essay Titles

If you cannot select a proper title for your essay, just think about all those news on animal testing. In which fields is animal testing applied? Why does it exist? Are there any justifications for animal testing? Can such testing be replaced by human testing?

A good title for an animal testing essay can be stated in the form of a rhetoric question, by the way. Definitely, you will find many more interesting ideas. Just make sure you can find materials to substantiate your position. Based on your opinion and the materials that you have found, write an animal testing essay thesis statement and plan. After that, you are ready to move to the next step.

Animal Testing Essay Introduction

In the introduction to an animal testing essay, you apply the same rules as for any other kind of paper. Hook your reader. Make him interested in what you are writing about. Make him feel your position and prepare him to enter into a debate with you or to protect your position.

Animal Testing Essay Body

In the main part of the essay body, you explain your position and give proofs why it is correct. Be precise, base your position on the experts’ opinions, researches, publications. Whatever is available to support your position, use it.

Animal Testing Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, you formulate your position once more. Then, you give short proofs of why it is correct. And, finally, make your conclusions. Make sure the reader can understand the essay content from the conclusion, even if he hasn’t read the essay. A conclusion to an animal testing essay shall be clear, comprehensive and allow other opinions.

Animal Testing Essay Topics to Develop

There are plenty of animal testing essay topics, so you can easily find something that touches you. What bothers you more: testing on those poor creatures in labs when scientists are trying out a new medication? Or do you hate those tests that they perform to produce safe cosmetics? Just this choice offers a huge range of variations. So, the best topics are:

  • Testing on animals in different fields: what has a right to exist and what should be banned?
  • Animal testing vs. human testing: is there any choice?
  • Medicine and animals testing.
  • Cosmetics industry.
  • Morality and ethics: People or animals?

Basically, here, you can write about anything that bothers you. Is animal testing the best option to help people? If you believe so, prove that. Do you support the opinion that animals have nothing to do with human problems? Discuss that and give your ideas.

Animal Testing Essay Outline Content

When you come closer to an animal testing essay outline, you will see that everything is much simpler than you have thought. Just talk about the things that are the most bothering for you within the topic.

So, in the introduction, you will explain to your reader why you are for or against animal testing, and in which cases it should be forgotten and banned. Then, in the main part, you prove your idea. Use anything that you can use: opinions of famous scientists, scientific publications, your own ideas and thoughts, and so on. And, finally, in conclusion, you once more make clear your idea and prove why you are right.


Animal testing is one of the most controversial topics. Whatever side you take, you will have both supporters and opponents. The main challenge is in this. Can you handle it? That can be a really great essay if you handle it in a way you should.

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