Fast Food Essay: What Should You Write About?

Fast food essay is one of the controversial topics, which is quite often chosen by college/university students. It is not a secret that fast food causes a lot of health problems. Despite this, the demand for it doesn’t decrease, vice versa, it grows day by day. Why does this happen? Do you personally belong to the group of people who eat fast food regularly or are you against it?

You have an excellent opportunity to express your point of view in your original and outstanding essay about fast food. However, this assignment may turn out to be a tricky one. Before you get started with your paper writing on fast food, you are recommended to check the rules for creating a high-quality fast food essay: writing, topics, outline.

How to Write an Essay about Fast Food: A Full Guide

Are you going to write an essay on fast food? That is a broad arguable theme, which should be written following the particular structure. Most students make the same mistake when thinking that they can express their personal opinion having the freedom to do this in any convenient way. Like any other academic assignment, this paper should be well-researched and well-structured.

In case this is not the first essay you are going to write, you must know that according to the general essay structure, each piece of writing should consist of three parts, each of which performs its own function in the text. Let’s have a closer look at the structural elements, which should contain specific information.

Fast Food Essay Introduction: Useful Recommendations

A fast food essay introduction is of the utmost importance for your essay about fast food. There are many articles about the harm of the fast food today. You should write yours so that it differs from others. You are expected to attract the reader’s attention with some information that isn’t known to everyone. There are several variants of how to hook the reader. For example, you can start from the prehistory about the fast food idea, how it originated, and how the fast food industry has developed since the first day of its appearance.

One more variant is to start with some statistics. For example, inform the reader how many people consume fast food on a regular basis and how many people have become obese because of eating fast food. Your task is to cause some reaction. The reader should wonder what you will reveal in the main part. There is also a winning variant to start from the question. It can be really simple.

For example, “What kind of fast food do you like the most: a hamburger or crispy potatoes fry?”, “How many cheeseburgers have you personally eaten?”, “How many kilograms have you gained eating fast food” Don’t start with a difficult question because you’ll never attract the reader if he/she doesn’t understand what you are talking about.

Ask a question that may worry your reader and use a simple language. You’ll succeed if your reader feels like starting a conversation with you. Write a thesis statement at the end of the introduction. It must be one clear phrase or maybe two sentences, where you are supposed to express your vision of the problem. Make it strong!

Fast Food Essay Body Paragraph: How to Craft?

Your essay will be successful if you find the relevant materials and provide the reader with some interesting facts about the appearance of fast food. You will have to hit the books and process a lot of information, then collect everything together like a puzzle, and present to the reader in a clear and concise manner.

Find for-and-against arguments and support them with evidence. Any thought should be based on a certain fact. For example, you can’t just say: ”Fast food is harmful.” Explain that it has been proved that its frequent consumption leads to obesity and other health problems. In a block with “for” evidence, you cannot say just “Fast food is great, I love it!” Instead of this, say that the advantage of this food is that it saves time as it doesn’t require cooking.

Fast Food Essay Conclusion: Great Tips

The final part, or the fast food essay conclusion, should contain a summary of all evidence and facts provided in the main body. You should make it clear which opinion you personally have. Remember that your reader should understand why you have chosen this topic, what you wanted to say, and how the reader can benefit from the gained knowledge. The conclusion shouldn’t be too long. However, it should be powerful as it is the last thing the reader will memorize best.

10 Fast Food Essay Topics: Pick the Best!

Pick one of the killer fast food essay topics:

  1. Why do people continue eating fast food if they know its consumption leads to obesity?
  2. Is it fashionable to eat on the run?
  3. What will happen to a person in a year if to eat fast food too often?
  4. Will people give preference to healthy eating in 10 years?
  5. How will the fast food industry develop?
  6. Who will benefit most from fast food consumption: fast food producers or drugstores?
  7. Which health problems can unhealthy eating cause?
  8. How to get rid of the habit to eat “convenient” food?
  9. Should parents allow children to visit fast food restaurants?
  10. Small kids visit fast food restaurants with their parents today.

Fast Food Essay Outline: Follow the Example

It is not enough to have interesting ideas, and it is necessary to have the necessary knowledge on how to organize them the right way. A fast food essay outline will help you to do this. Have a look at the example of the essay outline below:

Topic“Fast Pace of Life and the Habit to Eat on the Go”

  • Introduction
  • Main Body:
    • How does modern life change eating habits?
    • What do statistics say about fast food dependence?
    • For-and-against opinions about fast food.
      • It is the best time-saving food that tastes perfect.
      • It is the worst evil that makes people feel addicted to having no responsible attitude to their health.
    • Conclusion

If you follow the recommendations mentioned from our experts who work in custom essay writing service, you will definitely get an A-grade. Follow the tips, and use a good sample of an essay on the same topic for you to meet the expectations of your teacher!

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