Mother Tongue: A Praise Song for Black Girls, Reclaiming Our Mothers Bones

Roulette Theater

Brooklyn, NY

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A Benefit Performance To Support the first ever Black Women’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission on Sexual Assault and Tribunal in the U.S.

Roulette Theater

Friday, February 26, 2016

6:00 PM Reception

8:00 PM Performance

Directed by:

Piper Yvonne Anderson

Create Forward LLC

Technical Director:

Pope Jackson

Actuator Inc.

Lorraine LaPrade

Featured artists, poets and choreographers:

Piper Yvonne Anderson

Dorcas Davis

Nina Angela Mercer

Crystal Valentine

Adaku Utah

Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy

Sevonna Brown

Charnae Betton

Leslieanne John


MOTHER TONGUE: A PRAISE SONG FOR BLACK GIRLS RECLAIMING OUR MOTHERS BONES is for the girl in us, the disappeared, the unacknowledged, the radical part of us hungry to tell our stories and shape the world, demanding more of our communities and of our country. Mother Tongue is a praise song and a ring shout from the heart of Black women who continue to imagine revolutionary spaces with us fully in it.

A multimedia production and performance, Mother Tongue brings together actors, artists and activists who take the audience through journeys, moments, incidents, and historical narratives of generations of women who seeded moments we now see manifested in the reflections, movements and protests of girlsin mind, flesh and bonestalking bones. They talk stories. Like ancestors who carried past, present and future across oceans, the girl in us and those in our communities carry stories from block parties and ancient village dance circles, where drum beats spoke to them and they responded with swaying hips without fear, restraint or judgement.