Psychology Research Paper Topics to Draw Attention

If you are preparing to work on a psychology paper, you need to review as many topics as possible to pick the one that will bring you the desired grade. To make the process smoother, find out what type of paper you have to create. Check 15 psychology research paper topics by our paper writers – from social, developmental, cognitive, and forensic areas that describe the science from different aspects.

If you have not been given a specific subject, look for the topic that excites you. However, do not select a general topic, for example, about attachments. Instead of researching and writing about general ideas, focus on something more specific. If you like the idea of investigating the topic of attachments, review the department called “Theory of Maternal Deprivation.”

Psychology Research Paper Topics For College Students to Explore

Luckily, new technologies allow us to do all sorts of things online. If you have a mobile phone with the Web, you do not even have to use a computer to look for your academic assignment topic. The Internet holds all the greatest psychology topics. Therefore, there is definitely one interesting for your paper.

Psychology is one of the most breathtaking sciences. It has so many branches to discover and learn about. Review the lists of topics related to different departments of the science and find the one that interests you the most. It is recommended to select the subject that solves your own problem. Also, you can look for the topic that speaks to an area of current or future demand. In this case, your paper is going to become useful for the audience.

Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

If you need to prepare an assignment for your social psychology class, there are some really interesting ideas to brainstorm and describe in your paper. We have found three effective yet easy psychology research paper topics that can be useful for people in your class:

  • Your social behavior often does not determine the kind of person you are.
  • Can people really detect lies?
  • What is a usual people’s reaction to violated social norms?
  • Social influences on children.
  • The definition of social depression.
  • The link between children’s mental health and relocation.
  • Types of phobias.
  • Can a loss of a pet create family problems?
  • Gender roles and their places in the society
  • Mood disorders.

These are three important psychology research paper topics for college students that always concern the society. Find results of the researches of human’s behavior conducted among people from different countries, origin, and age. Use examples, results of the tests, and conduct your own research to provide your thoughts on the topic. Students of psychology classes are always asked to do tests and practices. So, do your own investigation by asking people questions and even doing tests to provide results in your paper.

Developmental Psychology Research Paper Topics

This broad subject offers answers to very important questions from the early stages of the prenatal period up to the end of life. If you are searching for an inspiring subject in this area, review some examples below:

  • How does bullying affect the successfulness of the student’s academic performance?
  • How does abusive behavior affect a child in his practical life?
  • Why do young people blame internal factors for events while older people blame external variables?
  • The role of media in committing violence.
  • Parental influence on children development.
  • What causes bullying at school?
  • Violence among children.
  • How to determine a psychopathic behavior?
  • Language capabilities.
  • What is the aging process?

Before you select the topic, review the guidelines given by your tutor. If you have questions, make sure you understand the task before you start writing research paper. To do background research is essential, so start working on your assignment as early as possible.

Child Psychology Research Paper Topics

This study is aimed at social and intellectual development during the earlier stages in life. If you are studying this discipline, you can become a child psychiatrist, genetic psychologist, or clinical specialist in the nearest future.

Review three examples of child psychology topics for a research paper below:

  • What causes delays in the mental development of children?
  • Single parental system and the psychological impact on children.
  • Early childhood development and behavior: from 9 months to 4 years.
  • A study on behavioral child development.
  • The influence of caregivers on the development of a child.
  • The impact of music on children’s attention skills.
  • Television and youth violence.
  • Classical cognitive theories of child development.
  • The emotional development of a child.
  • A divorce impact on children.
  • Consequences and causes of an introvert behavior.

Whether you decide to use online sources or do research in a library, this branch of the science contains a lot of information. If you want your paper to be handled easily, look for the narrow topic. Broad topics usually include several branches that have to be discovered and explained in the paper.

Cognitive Psychology Research Paper Topics

If you study in cognitive psychology class, you must often learn about how the human’s brain understands and uses information through methodology. There is a great choice of subjects for your assignment. Check the three themes we have found for your paper:

Choice theory or how does psychology participate in making decisions.

  • How to own your practical reasoning?
  • Contemporary issues in leadership.
  • Speech disorders.
  • Autism in the modern world.
  • Secrets of false memories.
  • The impact of judgment on making decisions.
  • Use of visual information.
  • Memory Techniques.
  • Problem Solving Effective Methods.

These are the examples of subjects that can bring useful information and give practical advice to the audience. Look for more themes related to studying the human brain and choose the issue that can impact the audience and people’s quality of life in general.

Forensic Psychology Research Paper Topics

Forensic psychology teaches how to determine motives and solve a crime. This department of the science includes several branches that help to gather knowledge and help those who commit a crime and the victims of crimes.

  • Hallucinations as the causes of committed crimes.
  • Battered Woman Syndrome.
  • Major ethical questions that arise during personality assessment.
  • Is eyewitness identification reliable?
  • Psychology of missing person cases.
  • Gender identity and aggression.
  • Cyber harassment problem.
  • Characteristics of a psychopath.
  • The role of statistics applied to a crime event.
  • Personal injury.

There are only the examples of forensic psychology research paper topics. If you have an online library in your school, log in from your home and look for the literary sources that can help you compose the paper. You can also find a lot of examples of research papers, see their structure and formatting style. Explore some high-scoring topic ideas to choose one for your assignment.

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