Terrorism Research Paper Topics: Write Perfectly

If you have to write college research paper on terrorism at your college, what would you feel? Some students love non-standard and controversial topics, however, for some students, such kind of a written assignment can turn into a nightmare.

What about you? When you get such kind of paper, what do you usually feel? Can your feelings be described as excitement and joy from an opportunity to show your non-standard way of thinking? Or are you rather depressed and stressed?

The topic selection could be the most complicated part of such kind of a written paper. What to write about? It is fine if you know more or less about the situation, but what if your knowledge is limited by the news? The best terrorism research paper topics and ideas are here, and we have selected them to make your life simpler.

General Terrorism Research Paper Topics: What to Write about

Let`s start with the most general topics. They are mostly easier, and everybody is more or less acquainted with them. So, if the general issue of terrorism is enough, this list will help you greatly.

  • What are terror networks and how do they function.
  • How to deter terrorism in theory.
  • How to prevent terrorism practically.
  • Terrorism has different faces: sociological and psychological aspects.
  • Terrorism as morality violence.

However, these topics might be not enough if you have a more specific field. Yes, don’t be surprised, there are even very narrow research fields, like in the case of any other science. So, the best terrorism research paper ideas are as follows.

Bioterrorism and Its Dimensions

Bioterrorism is a very special field, which requires serious research and a not less serious approach. The main danger of this kind of terrorism is that it can affect huge numbers of population and cause long-lasting effects not only for human life but the environment in general. So, you can select something from the next topics:

  • Agents used for bioterrorism.
  • Natural and targeted agents release: Differences and consequences.
  • Bioterrorism prevention.
  • Ethical issues: bioterrorism.
  • Pathogenicity and consequences.

Civil Liberties and Anti-Terrorism Measures

If you are lucky to get this topic, you are free to write not only about terrorism and its kinds but the preventive measures, as well. Do you know any of them? Well, you are right if you thought about human values and so-called false values. Here we go:

  • Terrorism and patriotism: differences and misconceptions.
  • Racism and its connection to terrorism.
  • Security and liberty against terrorism.
  • National security and personal liberty in the war against terror.
  • Is it possible to be free and safe?

Counterterrorism and Terrorism

Counterterrorism is one more direction, which you can take for your essay. If terrorism exists, it is logical that there are measures to fight it. Why not discuss them in your research paper? Not everybody knows which preventive measures exist and what are the ways to fight terrorism, so, this is a good field for your research.

  • Is counter-terrorism legal?
  • Human rights and counter-terrorism.
  • Preventive measures and counter-terrorism.
  • Should individuals be accountable for one or another kind of terrorism?
  • Punishment measures for terrorists: where the limits end.

Cyberterrorism as a New Kind of Terrorism

Cyberterrorism is a completely new kind of terrorism. It evolved with the development of the Internet. In most cases, we speak not about individuals or small enterprises, but the governmental systems that are responsible for main areas of human lives. For example, the target of a cyber-terrorist can be a state safety system or a system that manages a military base. Here, you can discuss such things as:

  • Kinds and methods of cyberterrorism nowadays.
  • Cyberterrorism and possible consequences.
  • Cyberterrorism prevention measures.
  • Cyberterrorism: less or more dangerous than traditional terrorism.
  • Cyberterrorism and its possible effects

Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp

Why Guantanamo Bay? Well, do you know what Guantanamo Bay is? That is a prison. And yes, it is connected to terrorism. However, this topic is one of the most controversial when we mention human rights. Initially, the prison was founded as a place where the most dangerous criminals should be kept. Yep, it was opened as one of the measures during the famous War on Terror. So, the topics are:

  • Guantanamo Bay: the war on terror or the act of breach against human rights?
  • Guantanamo Bay and the anti-terrorism policy of the USA.
  • Terrorism and counterterrorism: are there limits and differences?
  • High ideas and their application.
  • Human rights: theory and practice.

Iran Hostage Crisis and Terrorism

When Iranian students took over the USA embassy, more than 52 American diplomats were held, hostage. This situation lasted more than a year and was called the longest hostage crisis in the history of the humankind. The USA government called this act a terroristic act. This event offers many topics for your research paper, for example:

  • Iran hostage crisis: a terroristic act or an act of protest?
  • Iran hostage crisis: reasons and consequences.
  • Terrorism or patriotism? Iran hostage crisis.
  • Iran hostage crisis and the Iran-Iraq war: could it be avoided?
  • Iran hostage crisis: opinions.

Media and Terrorism: Support or Fight?

What comes first to your mind when you ask yourself what those terrorists want to achieve? In most cases, it is publicity. Do you really believe that a person doesn’t understand that if he dies, even if he takes the lives of some people, even if he takes the lives of many people, he will get nothing in the end? But if this act becomes famous in the world, then, the problem might be solved. Or at least people will be informed about this problem. Yes, the connection between media and terrorism is a good topic for discussion:

  • Media and terrorism: fight or support?
  • Why do terrorists look for publicity?
  • How does the media contribute to terrorism phenomenon?
  • Does the media fight terrorism?
  • Media, human rights, and terrorism.

Suicide Bombings: Conscious Terrorism or Psychical Condition?

After the first suicide bombings, the society was shocked. It doesn’t fit in a mind of a normal sane person, does it? Later, it was revealed that even special training programs were developed to prepare people for such acts. Basically, those are the programs targeted at the personality destruction. So, in the case of suicide bombing, it is impossible to speak about the reasons from the point of view of a normal person, but still, there are interesting topics to discuss:

  • Suicide bombings and personality deterioration: a terrorist or a victim?
  • How should terrorists be treated if they are detained: Suicidal bombing.
  • Suicidal bombing: prison or mental clinic.
  • Terrorist rehabilitation and socialization: shall it exist?
  • Suicidal bombing: no mercy or poor them?

War on Terrorism: Has It Been Efficient So Far?

War on terrorism: this term can be discussed as an international campaign that was launched by the USA, or as a general term, as it is. In the first case, you can talk about the causes and history. In the second case, you can speak in general about such phenomenon as terrorism, how governments are trying to fight it and how efficient the measures are.

  • War on terrorism: causes and consequences.
  • Can a war on terrorism be efficient?
  • An eye for an eye, or the war on terrorism.
  • War on terrorism: options and results.
  • Terrorism and the ways to defeat it.

Women Terrorists and Their Role in Terrorism

Women terrorists: this phenomenon has existed for ages, but still, it is something difficult to cope with. That is the most controversial topic and the most interesting one. You can handle it if you know psychology, psychiatry and the world called Islam. The paper topics? There are thousands of them. However, the most interesting are:

  • Women terrorists: a crime against nature?
  • Why are women terrorists the most successful?
  • Misconceptions and the truth about women terrorists.
  • Famous women terrorist.
  • Women terrorism: reasons and justifications.


Terrorism is a very multi-dimensional field, with its misconceptions and facts. It is based on history, traditions, propaganda, personal beliefs and many more things that a normal sane person cannot understand. Terrorism is something that cannot be called a healthy phenomenon, but we are dealing with it, each in his own way.

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