What Is an Expository Essay? Full Guide

An expository essay is the type of academic assignment that requires a logical explanation of the subject. This type of paper should not contain a writer’s opinion. Therefore, the essay has to be written in a direct but not in a biased manner.

Writing an expository essay in a straightforward manner can become a difficult task. Usually, writers want to provide their opinion and express what they think about the topic. Creating such a paper requires a certain structure and outline. Also, the essay requires research to provide evidence. Learn how to write an expository essay and start writing as early as possible. In this article, you will learn what is an expository essay, how to structure one and how to make it successful.

Expository Essay Definition And Topic Examples

As you have already learned, this particular type of essay requires from you to provide an interesting idea, investigate it, find and evaluate the evidence and set forth an argument concerning the idea. All information has to be written in an understandable manner.

Review some ideas for an expository essay topic that can give you the inspiration to write a great paper:

  • What impact does science have on the human lifespan?
  • Is memory affected by the emotional state? Why? How?
  • What are the changes in communication in the Era of Technology?
  • Does an organized workplace affect the working process?
  • What are the methods of dealing with bullying in school?

Writing an expository essay without any experience can be a challenging task since you are used to providing your own thoughts and ideas on various issues. Some of the ideas mentioned above can assist you in picking an interesting question and explore it. Review the examples of written essays, read a couple of texts, and define expository essay as a well-structured piece of prose explaining a certain topic based on the facts.

What Is The Purpose Of an Expository Essay to Pursue

The main purpose of this type of essay is to present a balanced analysis of the topic. The analysis should be based on the facts that can be found in different sources: books, journals, or electronic sources. A writer should avoid his own opinion or emotions. In this case, the paper will look professional and will bring the writer a high grade.

The purpose of an expository essay is to inform the readers. A writer should not entertain the audience. You have to collect information that carries educational and purposeful character. Therefore, your piece of writing must contain clear information from reliable sources.

Expository Essay Structure Tips

It does not matter what type of paper you are writing and what grade you are in. The right structure matters and defines the quality of your writing. Ideally, your paper should be organized in a way, so it is easy to read and navigate through. The standard structure of an essay is five paragraphs: one for the introduction, one for the conclusion and the other three for the body part.

An expository essay introduction has to contain a hook to draw readers’ attention. Provide an exciting fact, a quote or a question that will make the readers or listeners focus their attention on what you are saying. Introduce the main idea which is called a thesis. Remember to stay away from any bias. Briefly explain what you are going to discuss in your essay.

The next and the biggest part of the assignment is expository essay body paragraphs. All three paragraphs of the body part should have their own topic sentences that support the theme. The three sentences have to be related to the thesis. Do the investigation and find at least three ideas and support them with evidence. It is recommended to use highly respectful and reliable sources to make your readers believe in what you say.

Finally, the last part of the paper is expository essay conclusion. Repeat the thesis and summarize the overall conclusion of all three points you mentioned in the essay. Do not add new ideas and do not end a paper with your opinion about the subject. Such an end of the essay has to make the readers think and analyze the topic themselves. Now you know the expository essay meaning and can look for educational information to be a useful writer or a speaker.

Expository Essay Help from Experts

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